He is a New York State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser #46000013421, and maintains an office at 789 Hill Street, Southampton, New York, 11968 for the purpose of general real estate appraisal business.  He is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of New York since 1974.

Mr. McLauchlen is the president and principal appraiser for Hamptons Appraisal Service, Corporation - a real estate appraisal business - serving Eastern Long Island primarily in the Townships of Southampton, East Hampton, Riverhead, Shelter Island, Southold, and the Village of North Haven.

He has been actively engaged in buying, selling, mortgaging, leasing and appraising all types of real property in the County of Suffolk since 1973.

He has completed many appraisal assignments for lending institutions throughout Suffolk County and has attached the list for your perusal hereto.

Mr. McLauchlen was appointed to the Federal Housing Administration - Housing and Urban Development Fee Panel for residential appraisals and served as an appraiser on that panel for five years, 1980-1985.

He has acted as an appraiser and consultant for the Southampton Town Board and the Southampton Town Planning Board, the Southampton Village Planning Board and the Southampton Village Trustees and Trustees of the Town of Southampton. He has completed many assignments for attorneys involving condemnations, estate valuations, market value analyses and feasibility studies.

Mr. McLauchlen and his colleagues have been qualified as expert witnesses before the Supreme Court: States of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey in addition to the Federal Bankruptcy Court, the Southampton Town Zoning Board of  Appeals, the Southampton Village Zoning Board of  Appeals, the Southampton Village Board, the North Haven Village Zoning Board of Appeals, the East Hampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals, the Incorporated Village of Quogue, the Incorporated Village of Westhampton Beach, and Suffolk County.

On May 14, 2019 Mr. McLauchlen was appointed by resolution of the Southampton Town Board to be a member of a special committee:  to Study the Market Trend Analysis and Full Valuation Impacts on the Assessed Valuation of Real Property within the Town of Southampton.


James R. Mc Lauchlen’s appraisal.
  1. New Construction Essentials:  Luxury Homes, Mckissock, Inc. Completed 12/29/22


  2. The Fundamentals Of Appraising Luxury Homes, Mckissock, Inc. Completed 12/31/22


  3. 7 Hour Introduction To Fair Housing And Fair Lending Instruction, Mckissock, Inc. Completed 1/4/23


  4. Understanding Luxury Home Features, Mckissock, Inc. Completed 1/2/23


  5. 2022-2023 7-hour National Uspap Update Course, Mckissock, Inc. Completed 1/6/23


  6. 7 Hour National Uspap Updated Course, Mckissock, Inc. Completed 01/05/2021


  7. Land And Site Valuation, Mckissock, Inc. Completed 12/31/2020


  8. Residental Property Inspection For Appraisers, Mckissock, Inc. Completed 12/24/2020


  9. Residential Construction And The Appraiser, Mckissock, Inc.  Completed 12/26/2020


  10. Appraisal Of Owner Occupied Commercial Properties  Mckissock, Inc Completed 11/12/18


  11. Land And Site Valuation Mckissock, Inc. Completed 11/15/18


  12. The Basis Of Expert Witness For Commercial Appraisers Mckissock, Inc. Completed 11/14/18


  13. 2018-19 7 Hour National Uspap Update Course Mckissock, Inc. Completed 11/17/18


  14. Divorce And Estate Appraisals Mc Kissock, Inc - Completed 1/16/2017


  15. 2016-17 7-hour Uspap Update Course Mc Kissock, Inc - Completed 2/2/2017


  16. Avoiding Mortgage Fraud Fro Appraisers Mc Kissock, Inc - Completed 1/31/2017


  17. Residential Property Inspection For Appraisers Mc Kissock, Inc - Completed  1/30/2017


  18. The Nuts And Bolts Of Green Building For Appraisers Mc Kissock, Inc - Completed 1/26/2017


  19. “Understanding Residential Construction” Mckissock, Inc. - Completed 11/01/2014


  20. “Mortgage Fraud-protect Yourself” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed 11/08/2014


  21. “Residential Appraisal Review” Mc Kissock, Inc. - Completed 11/14/2014


  22. “2014-2015 7- Hour Uspap Update Course” Mc Kissock, Inc. - Completed 11/16/2014


  23. “Supervisor-trainee Course For New York” Mc Kissock, Inc. - Completed 12/13/2014


  24. “Ad Valorem Tax Consultation” Mc Kissock, Inc. - Completed 12/08/2012


  25. “Mold, Pollution And The Appraiser” Mc Kissock, Inc.-  Completed 12/20/2012


  26. “Reo And Foreclosures” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed 12/22/2012


  27. “Environmental Issues For Appraisers” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed 12/24/2012


  28. “Construction Details And Trends” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed 12/27/2012


  29. “2012-2013 7 Hour National Uspap Update Course” Mc Kissock, Inc. - Completed 12/30/2012


  1. “Risky Business: Ways To Minimize Your Liability” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed:  02/05/2011


  2. “The Cost Approach” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed: 02/15/2011


  3. “Sales Verification: Principles, Procedures & Case Studies” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed: 02/16/2011


  4. “2010-2011 National Uspap Update Equivalent” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed: 02/18/2011


  5. “Private Appraisal Assignments” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed: 01/08/2009


  6. “Even Odder – More Oddball Appraisals” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed: 01/03/2009


  7. “Mortgage Fraud: Protect Yourself” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed: 12/30/2008


  8. “National Uspap Update” Appraisal Institute Completed: 03/07/2008


  9. Information Technology And The Appraiser” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed: 02/10/2003


  10. “Appraiser Liability” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed: 02/09/2003


  11. “Factory Built Housing” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed: 02/08/2003


  12. “Construction Details & Trends” Mc Kissock, Inc. Completed: 02/07/2003


  13. “Standards Of Professional Practice: Part C” Appraisal Institute – Cw Post Univ. Completed: 11/2000

  1. “Phase I Environmental Inspection And The Appraiser” Appraisal Education Network Bohemia, New York Completed: 06/22/1998


  2. “Home Inspection” Appraisal Education Network Bohemia, New York Completed: 06/15/1998


  3. “Appraising Residential Property” Long Island University Completed: 11/1997


  4. “Uniform Standards Of Professional Appraisal Practice: Uspap, Part A” Appraisal Institute – L.I.U. Completed: 05/05/1995


  5. “Uniform Standards Of Professional Appraisal Practice: Uspap Part B” Appraisal Institute – L.I.U. Completed:  05/13/1995


  6. “Understanding Limited Appraisals And Appraisal Reportingoptions – Residential” Appraisal Institute – L.I.U. Completed: 07/18/1994


  7. “Income Property Appraising: Investment Analysis” National Association Of Independent Fee Appraisers –L.I.U. Completed: 12/1992


  8. “Techniques Of Income Property Appraising” National Association Of Independent Fee Appraisers – L.I.U. Completed: 11/1992


The preceding is a selection from our many Financial Institutions.
  1. Abrahms & Martin, P.c. Alan Asher, Esq.
  2. Alan Kleinman, Esq.
  3. Alice Mac Donald, Est. Admin. Andrew C. Ingraham, Esq. Andrew Feldman, Esq.
  4. Andrew J. Casner, Jr., Esq. Al. Anthony J. Conforti, Esq. Anthony Salvatore, Esq.
  5. Aspasia G. Comnas, Esq.
  6. Belvedere Property Management
  7. P.c. Bender & Bodnar, P.c.
  8. Benjamin E. Carter, Esq.
  9. Esq. Bigham, Englar, Jones & Houston
  10. Black & Black
  11. Blackman Plumbing Supply
  12. Properties Blank Rome, Llp Bleakley, Platt & Schmidt, Llp Bourke, Flanagan & Asato, P.c. Bowen & Bowen
  13. Brown & Wood
  14. Esq. Butler, Fitzgerald & Potter Cadwalader, Waschersham
  15. Sullivan Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft
  16. Cohen, Goldstein & Silpe
  17. Cohen, Hennessey & Brenstock
  18. Corcoran Group
  19. Dale Abrahamson, Esq.
  20. Daniel Doran, Esq.
  21. David J. Gilmartin, Esq.
  22. Davidson, Dawson & Clark
  23. Dennis B. Ellman, Esq.
  24. Dinsmore Adams, Esq.
  25. Donald A. Denis, P.c.
  26. Donald Cohen, Esq. Dow, Lohnes & Albertson
  27. Dr. Charles N. Gould
  28. Dr. Claude D. Grosjean
  29. Dr. Kathleen Orgass
  30. Dr. Martin Braverman
  31. Ehrenkranz & Enrenkranz Llp
  32. Esseks, Hefter & Angel
  33. Usa
  34. Fair, Aussesser & Fitzgerald
  1. Farrell Fritz P.c.

  2. Foster & Vandenburgh, Llp Franchina & Giordano, P.c. Frederick E. Hoffman, Esq. Frederick Foster, Esq.

  3. Gager & Peterson, Llp

  4. Gandin, Shotsky, Rappaport, Et

  5. Gassman & Keidel, Pc

  6. George O. Guldi, Esq. Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher Godsberg, Zankel & Golden, Golstein, Johnson & Rouse

  7. Goodman, Goodman & Jurist, Gordon Marsh, Esq.

  8. Gregory Abbey, Esq. Hampton Medical

  9. Harding & Harding Harmon, Jones & Sandford Harold S. Rosenberg, Cpa Harry G. Casalt, Esq.

  10. Helen J. Rosenblum,

  11. Helen Kelly Hinn, Esq. Herman, Sloan, Robarge & Hill, Ullman & Erwin Hochberg & Holland Humes &

  12. Wagner, Llp

  13. Inter-science

  14. Ira E. Garr, Esq. Jackson & Nash

  15. James Bennett, Esq.

  16. James M. Edwards, Esq.

  17. James N. Hulme, Esq.

  18. James R. Klein, Esq.

  19. Jane Jacobs, Esq.

  20. Jay Schaframm, Esq.

  21. Jean Marie P. Costello, Esq.

  22. Jeffrey Bragman, Esq.

  23. John Bennett, Esq.

  24. John Mcnulty, Esq.

  25. Johnson & Thayer

  26. Jonathan Platt, Esq.

  27. Jones Lang Wooten,

  28. Joseph & Koppel

  1. Kalnick, Klee & Green Kaplan, Choate & Co. Kathleen Cox, Esq.
  2. Kathleen F. Schwartz, Esq. Kerin Guidera, Esq.
  3. Kerkering, Barberio & Co., Pa Assoc. Koopersmith & Brown Kramer & Rabinowitz, Llc
  4. Esq. Kurtzberg & Kurtzberg, Esq.
  5. Lawrence Daly, Esq.
  6. Lawrence Davidow, Esq.
  7. Lawrence Martin, Cpa
  8. Lazer, Aptheker, Rosella & Yedid, Pc
  9. Frak & Holman
  10. Robinson
  11. Leigh Kahn, Esq.
  12. Taitz Locker, Greenberg & Brainin, Pc
  13. Loeb & Loeb
  14. Lysacht, Lysacht & Kramer
  15. Malcom Piernie, Inc.
  16. Petris Mannarino, Yagerman & Greenhaus.
  17. Maple Shade Inc.
  18. Margaret Ann Bomba, Esq.
  19. Martin R. Gilmartin, Esq.
  20. Mcnair Law Firm
  21. Mcnulty-spiess, P.c.
  22. Meyers & Meyers Tonachio
  23. Michael G. Walsh, Esq.
  24. Michael Horowitz, Esq.
  25. Michael J. Hausman, Esq.
  26. Michael Kleinerman, Esq.
  27. Michael S. Barron, P.c.
  28. Miles Anderson, Esq.
  29. Miriam Johnston Jacobs, Esq.
  30. Esq. Moses & Singer Inc.
  31. Murray Heaton, Esq.
  32. Kelly National Golf Links Of America
  33. Neal T. Dorman, Esq.
  34. Nicholas L. Savino, Esq.
  35. Nixon Peabody, Llp
  36. Gordon Northwest Construction Cont
  37. O'malley, Grace M, M.d.
  38. O'shea, Marcincuk & Bruyn, Llp


  1. Rendle A. Jones, Esq.
  2. Reynold, Caronia, Gianelli & Hagney
  3. Richard Anderson, Esq.
  4. Richard Dutton, Esq.
  5. Richard Fernan, Esq.
  6. Robert Chira &
  7. Robert Dunbar, Cpa
  8. Robert J. Crimmins,
  9. Robert J. Kulas, Esq.
  10. Robert K. Howard, Esq.
  11. Robert Marcincuk, Esq.
  12. Robert Ross, Esq.
  13. Robert Weiss, Esq. Le
  14. Robinson &
  15. Roe Wallace Esteve Taroff &
  16. Rosen & Reade
  17. Russell Blank, Cpa
  18. Sandford Durst, Esq.
  19. Scheinberg, Schneps & De Haus
  20. Schroder & Strom, Llp Scott M. Gibson, Esq.
  21. Sheresky Aronson Mayefsky & Sloan
  22. Sidley, Austin, Brown & Wood Llp
  23. Squires, Holden, Weisenbacher
  24. Stephen L. Ham, Iii, Esq.
  25. Steven C. Greene, Esq.
  26. Steven Grossman, Esq.
  27. Steven M. Silpe, Esq.
  28. Susan Burnside, Esq.
  29. The Gregg Baker Law Firm
  30. Theodore Sternklar, Esq. Thomas Barnes, Esq.
  31. Thomas J. De Mayo,
  32. Trachtman & Bach,
  33. Twomey Latham Shea &
  34. Village Of North Haven
  35. Village Of Southampton
  36. Village Of Westhampton Beach
  37. Wickham, Bressler,
  38. Trol William Bates, Esq.
  39. William Cornachio, Esq.
  40. William Duggan, Esq.

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